This Man Is Undisputedly The Most Stylish Man In Nairobi, Ladies, Say Hi To #GrandBae - ZUMIZUMI

This Man Is Undisputedly The Most Stylish Man In Nairobi, Ladies, Say Hi To #GrandBae

When people age, they concentrate on other things and style to them is a thing of the past.

Right now, most men are rocking chains, sporting the latest hairstyles and clothing until they get kids and the checkered shirts and brown pair of leather shoes becomes the order of the day.

For one man in Nairobi, that is not the case. We don’t know whether to call him grandpa or Zaddy because he always looks so sharp in his custom-made colourful suits. His style is what we want our husbands to rock after 50 years of marriage. We are sure he never has a dull day in his life because his wardrobe definitely reflects joy, happiness and sunshine.

His pictures are all over social media, we think his nephew/niece should start an account for him because we need to see more of his dapper fashion sense. From the comments, people actually know him and say he hails from Umoja and is always dressing sharp.

Zaddy is definitely looking like a ray of sunshine, peep the matching yellow shoes

Source: Instagram/Gsongzsiloh

He is definitely giving the cheers baba community a run for their money

Source: Instagram/Gsongzsiloh

Eish! even his phone cover matches his outfit, how much more extra can he get?

Source: Instagram/Gsongzsiloh

Ebu someone put him in a music video ASAP

Source: Instagram/Gsongzsiloh

A round of applause for Grandbae, he takes the cake for ultimate swaggy grandpa in Nairobi

Source: Instagram/Gsongzsiloh


Guys! we love how extra and deliberate he is with his outfits, he even matches his phone covers and pens to the colour of his suit, Lol! someone get us his phone number so we can claim him.

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