This Australian-Sudanese Model Has A Strong Message For Those Criticising Natural Hair

The modelling industry has been known to favor women of colour less for such a long time.

Australian model from South Sudan, Duckie Thot has been the latest victim when it comes to social media criticism and it was about her hair. She has admitted having a hard time in the modelling industry and particularly when it comes to her natural hair.

Duckie Thot on natural hair- Zumi

Source: Duckit Thot

She spoke openly about an experience she had was while she was competing in the Australia’s Next Top Model and she had to cornrow her hair but no one knew how to cornrow African hair.

Duckie Thot on natural hair- Zumi

Source: Solarey Net

She recently did a shoot for an Australian brand, Dinosaur Designs where she wore her hair all natural in a ponytail and fellow Top Model contestant Winner Harlow made fun of her on her Snapchat account and this caused a blow up on social media.

Ms Harlow went ahead to post on her Instagram one of Duckie’s Dinosaur Designs campaign shots and captioning it with:

“LMFAO! WHAT ARE THOOOOOSEEEEE cauliflower ass head.”

Duckie Thot on natural hair- Zumi

Source: superselected

The gorgeous model replied to the post with:

“It’s not fun being bullied for something you can’t control and to have a top model woman of colour who I thought encouraged acceptance and self love call me out for rocking my natural hair, isn’t cool at all,”.

The latter apologised for the insensitive post so we are hoping there is no bad blood between the two.

Duckie Thot on natural hair- Zumi

Source: superselected


With an interview for Teen Vogue, Duckie suggests that the problem stems from society’s Eurocentric standard of beauty.

“Being a black woman, we haven’t really been taught how to take care of our natural hair — we’ve only been taught how to hide it. I think hair companies, the media, hairstylists, and the industry itself are to blame. They haven’t made the same efforts to ensure black women are looked after in their most natural form. … I think the industry should really take ownership and start to invest into us.”

Duckie Thot on natural hair- Zumi

Source: Tumblr

Duckie’s MO is self love and she has learned to embrace and accept herself and this is what gets her by in a world of people who will always have an opinion of what you should be or how you should behave.

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Go Ducki, keep slaying and representing black girls in the industry!