ZUMI Model Crush: Meet One of Kenya’s Busiest Male Models, Gabu Fords

Gabu Fords
Meet one of Kenya’s busiest male models, signed to Twenty Model Agency based in Cape Town.

The 6-foot adonis has worked with Osbourne Macharia, Urban Skript, Keexs, Equitel and so much more, in short, he stays booked. Gabu Fords began modeling when he was in university and credits Osbourne Macharia for helping him break into the industry

Here are some pictures from his previous work because you deserve it.


What a lucky hand.


Rocking that headwrap like a pro.


“I live, dream, breath, walk, talk and eat modeling”
Gabu male model

Source: So Like Fashion


I believe in his rugby skills.
Gabu male model

Source: Biggest Kaka


Conceptual scarf uses.
Gabu male model

Source: Twitter


Working with Osbourne Macharia to bring alive Black Sudan in a concept series.
Gabu male model

Source: Gabu website


He gets that commercial money too.
Gabu male model

Source: Equitel


And Bana campaign money.
Gabu Fords male models

Source: Bana


And just in case you want to see more of Gabu Fords, here is his Instagram.

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