Everyone Is Talking About Michelle Obama's Stunning Photos For VogueZumi

Everyone Is Talking About Michelle Obama’s Stunning Photos For Vogue

Michelle Obama
Well, knowing Michelle Obama you will not say you were not warned that this photoshoot would be the absolute bomb.

Michelle, who has been killing it from time and again with her custom made gowns surely did not disappoint this time as she graced the cover of Vogue for the third time since getting into the Whitehouse. Wearing a slinky white Carolina Herrera gown, with her hair swept back and flowing the cover was is the embodiment of class, grace and style.

Her makeup is perfectly natural. She is wearing a magnificent sparkly ring and a pair of Monique Péan earrings. The backdrop offers no hint of the White House, the nation’s capital or the ornate stateliness that has long attached to the occupant of the East Wing. The portrait exudes the sort of casual glamor in which Vogue specializes, but that is not typically associated with first ladies.

The first lady posed in the grass, looking serene — like someone who is about to leave a stressful job for good. It is great to see the first lady poised in a manner that suggests her preparation for life after the white house, and her photographer Annie Leibovitz captured all this oh so beautifully.

Check out the gorgeous pictures here.


1. Perfectly captured how the first lady is just ready to bounce. 
Michelle Obama

Source : Annie Leibovitz/Vogue


2. How we all want to look when gearing to 50. 
Michelle Obama

Source : Annie Leibovitz/Vogue


3. The perfectly poised first lady. 
Michelle Obama

Source : Annie Leibovitz/Vogue


4. Carolina Herrera’s dress is truly magical. 
Michelle Obama

Source : Annie Leibovitz/Vogue


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5. Boom. The best part of it all. 

Source : Annie Leibovitz/Vogue


We at Zumi will surely miss the coolest first lady ever.
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