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Pay Attention Ladies! Here Are 3 Things That Are Sure To End Your Relationship

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Relationships will generally end because of many factors but there is always the three most common ones.

When you observe the reasons as to why people break up, you will find one of the following factors mentioned below as a reason for the demise of a relationship. If any of these three factors appear within your relationship, learn to tackle them immediately.

1. Lack of communication

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Let’s take a long-distance relationship, if there is no communication then there really is no relationship. Communication is not only about checking up on one another across the day, it’s about drawing that personal closer from what you are doing, to how your feeling about what you’re going through or even communicating how you like to be sexed up.

You’re not a reader of one’s mind and nor is he, so be open about how you feel from when you’re happy to when you’re sad.¬†When you communicate this to your partner, he will begin to realise how best to support you and will recognise what works well in the relationship and what is not such a great fit.

You will definitely get more from each other if you both keep the communication going.

2. Finance 

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Money can be a big issue, and from a woman’s perspective, our attraction can also be influenced by how hard a man works and is instinctively what we look at when choosing a mate. However, it’s not just about how much he earns and how much you earn, but also how you use your income to build a life worth admiring. It is also about being honest about any debts that you have, that could affect what you both want to work towards getting, like building a house, buying a car or paying school fees.

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If the both of you are not open about your current financial status and nor are you working to reduce any upheavals you are going through, I can guarantee that this will be a factor that will create cracks in your relationship. If you have identified this being a problem then find a working solution and deal with the matters at hand.

3. Sex deprivation

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If you are having sex, then you as a woman cannot all of a sudden hold out on him. Men predominately operate with the bottom part of their head and that’s why they are the sex that can easily cheat. You can occasionally deprive him so he desires you sexually but not completely because he will step out and not to say he won’t do it regardless but the lack of sex has been known to cause problems within relationships.

If your finding sex is becoming boring then spice it up but also communicate this with him in a sensitive fashion. Get his input on what new things he would like to try and If you keep this conversation going then you will get back to enjoying what you have intimately.

Relationships will always be a challenging journey for us all but the trick is to have a balance of giving and taking, practising honesty, communicating and together, learning to face situations head on.

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