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Would You Have Sex With Your Baby In The Room? Here Are The Rules

having sex with the baby in the room
When Vlogger, Tasha Maile published a YouTube video about how she enjoys having sex in the process of breastfeeding, the internet couldn’t handle it.


As in, how dare she have sex in the presence of a baby!?

Well, she and so many others dare and it’s not as bad as it sounds.

According to clinical psychologist, John Mayer, Ph.D, it’s actually not that big of deal. Babies are usually so consumed with nursing that they’re oblivious to what’s happening around them, so it’s really unlikely that the child would notice that anything is up.

“The baby is too young to comprehend what the parents are doing- a child that young has no mental concept of sex… It is two people moving their bodies while he/she enjoys breakfast.”


However, while the psychological aspect of the child may not be endangered at the beginning, it’s your responsibility to protect them from sexual exposure when your parenting life and sex life happen to cross paths.

Within reason, do what you feel is right.

If your baby is below six months and you’re comfortable having sex with the baby in the room, keep a crib or a spot you can easily move him when things get steamy. If it feels a little awkward, just leave them on the bed and get naughty on the floor.


Still, having your baby staring at you can really kill the sexy vibe, especially for women who need parts of their brain associated with stress and anxiety to deactivate in order to get turned on.

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In such a moment, distract your baby  with a toy and put them in another room to give yourselves a little more space to enjoy each other.

Having to wait till you get someone to babysit may put a damper on your sex life especially if sex is an important part of your connection as a couple.

Another great way to handle that is to turn your guest room into a sex pad that you can easily disappear to when the baby is asleep.


The worst that could happen at such a tender age is that your child innocently starts emulating the sexual movements that they saw you too doing in front of guests.


Psychologically, it won’t register as sexual for them but your buddies will have a juicy story to share the next time you go out for drinks.

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