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Struggling To Work From Home? Joanna Kinuthia Has 4 Important Tips For You

tips for successfully working from home
 Let’s relate: Working from home, especially when you’re a mother with a toddler or two running around the house can be a nightmare.

You are rarely on schedule, you end spending days on end doing nothing productive and your work-life balance is a mess!

Nope, you’re not alone and yes, you can easily change that.


Youtube beauty vlogger Joanna Kinuthia is sharing four simple tips that will help you get the most of your day at home by staying productive in the comfort of your home.

She says,

  1. “Have a routine; don’t just wake up with no plan because believe me you’ll end up doing nothing. (Speaking from experience!)

  2. Get dressed in the morning. This one seems small but it makes a difference. Get up, shower, get dressed like you would if you were going to the office.

  3. Have a to do list and start with the harder tasks first!

  4. Set working hours… This one is so hard for me but it’s so important. It can be so easy to work late into the night and have no work-life balance. Try to work within the working hours you set.”

While we are really digging this idea, it all goes back to having discipline.


Trust, it’s the ultimate source of power. The minute you can set your mind to seeing something to completion and being very intentional about it, nothing will stop you from hitting your targets.

How do you manage working from home? Muthoni Njoba’s Message to all single mums is a must watch!


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