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Muthoni Njoba’s Message To All Single Mothers Is A Must Watch!

muthoni njoba message to all single mums must watch
Being a single mother means that most often than not, you have to wear all the caps and fill the gap that the father of your child has left unattended.

Luckily Muthoni Njoba’s is sharing a golden tip that will make it an easier experience for you.

In her latest YouTube vlog, Muthoni has shared a heartbreaking experience of her having to teach her son about death.

She says,

 “There are certain things you know as a mother that you will have to teach your child along the way or be there to comfort them and you always think that ‘I’ll manage somehow, I’ll get there and I’ll have it together”… then you get there and you’re the one who’s breaking down even more… When your child is in pain and you can’t do anything about it… it’s hard.”


Last week her son lost his pet, one that he had worked hard in his modeling and acting career to get and Muthoni  Njoba went through a frustrating and helpless moment  where there was nothing she could do to take his pain away as his mother.

Luckily, the Maybelline brand ambassador has a few guy friends who were ready to help her out.

But first, this is what you call a spitting image in family lineage.

Muthoni Njoba's Message to all single mums is a must watch

Source: Instagram/ MuthoniNjoba

In a thank you video, she shared a very important lesson from her experience that you might want to jot down.

Muthoni believes that when your child does not have a present father figure, it’s very important to have another male step in.

“I want to talk to single mums, especially those with sons. When your child doesn’t have a consistent father figure… You need those male figures to step in… Basically, I know as a single mother, there is only so much I can do for my son and there are those male figures that will have to come in and step in and guide him through this journey.”

The men in her life are Mark, Paul and Roy… friends that she identifies as men who have played very important roles in her son’s life- like teaching him how to edit videos, taking him to the airport to meet pilots because he aspires to be one and who are always around when he needs a male companion to guide his growth as a man.

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She says,

“I know it’s very easy to talk bad about men especially when you find yourself a single mom or even trying to date in this day and age but I have seen such a beautiful side of men who take their time to give themselves to a child when they don’t have to.

Roy, Paul and Mark- they don’t have to but they do it but by the time my son was going to bed that night he was feeling better.”

Muthoni’s experience reveals a struggle that most single moms would totally relate with.

Indeed, it takes a village to raise a child and having someone or a few people helping you out makes the burden of single parenting way easier.

That’s why we agree with her parting words,

“My advice to all the single moms and parents is to let people in, it takes a village to raise a child. Listen to your kids, if they are passionate about something support them, if they are unhappy, get to the bottom of what it is. This journey is one that you have to give your everything and more.”

Who is your support system in your motherhood journey? Check out the video below.