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Career Hacks – Maximise Your Productivity And Get A Promotion

It’s important to refresh to remain creative, productive and useful at your place of work.

Everything you do will be centered on work. You sleep to be up on time for work, you plan your week to make sure your work is done on time and you earn money because of the work you do. It can be hard to constantly be creative, productive and even excited about work, so every now and then you need to switch off from it all. It’s important to take a break, refresh, reset, reenergize and so that you can be able to do it all again brilliantly.

Here are three ways you can apply in your way of life to ensure that you maximize your productivity as well as activate your creativity:

1. Wake up an hour early

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During this hour, I recommend you spend time either exercising, meditating, praying or doing all three. Making time to do any of these activities first thing, will help in rebalancing your energies and your thoughts as well as reset you to face the day ahead.

2. Carry a notebook

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Get in the habit of having a notebook with you at all times and use it to write any ideas that spring up on you. When you write them, indicate their purpose and when you plan to implement them or at the very least set a priority of what needs doing first, so you can begin the process of realizing the idea written.

This notebook is a great way to note things down before you forget because the worse thing you can experience is seeing a great idea that had once popped into your mind, implemented by another and watching them succeed at it.

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3. Reflect 

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When the day ends, leave ten minutes to just reflect on what has been achieved. You can use this time to note down what you are grateful for and also create a blueprint of what you aim to pursue the next day. So that when you wake up you will have focus and you will feel you have woken up with purpose.

Hours, days, weeks, months and years will pass you by with you not having achieved anything of substance if you don’t find ways of remaining focused and being intentional in your actions. Learn to be the kind of individual that is intentional of how you spend your time and most importantly that with each experience you are growing further.

You only live once so aim to do it excellently!

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