Easy Lazy Dinner Recipes When Cooking Seems Like A PunishmentZUMI

Easy Lazy Dinner Recipes When Cooking Seems Like A Punishment

Some nights you just can’t! Feeding yourself can be a huge task and sometimes you just need a fuss free meal.

And on some, if not most nights, you just need lazy dinner recipes. On those evenings when you are tired to the bone or too lazy to do so much. Your bed calling out your name and the need of lazying is so great, making you think twice if you need to eat. One can do so much of Sonford and KFC; it’s the same damn taste.  Your jeans are certainly complaining and your pocket is crying of the hollowness.

For all those too many occurrences, here are some lazy dinner recipes we have gathered. Some of the best lazy meal ideas that will have you spend little time in the kitchen.


Avocado  toast- to all the avocado lovers, have a toast!
zumi.co.ke: Avocado toast

Source: Huffing Post


Salad- healthy and most easiest meal, EVER!
zui.co.ke: salad

Source: Huffing Post

Overnight oats- ultimate lazy girl breakfast. But can double up as dinner
zumi.co.ke: overnight oats

Source: Babble


Eggs- this rich-protein food should not deceive you to be only for breakfast, eggs are perfect for anytime of the day
zumi.co.ke: Egg recipe

Source: Huffing Post


Pasta- it cannot get easier than this
zumi.co.ke: Pasta recipe

Source: Delish


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