Lazy Girl’s Guide To Taking Care Of Natural Hair

Black girl natural hair
Natural hair is wonderful, and you are probably in love with yours. But the maintenance involved is not always delightful.

The horrors of wash day are universal, the constant panic that damage is around the corner, remembering to keep your hair moisturized and balanced perfectly with protein levels is rather time-consuming. And if you happen to be a #lazygirl, you just don’t wanna do it all the time! So here are some tips to help cut down on the time you’re spending on your hair without compromising on you hair’s health.


Herbal rinses are your best friends.

Herbal rinses keep damage at bay and help your scalp remain fresh in-between wash days.

Girl with natural hair

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A lot of natural hair bloggers and vloggers tend to claim their routines are simple, and proceed to explain the semi-quest to achieve the ideal curl definition. Remember the most important thing for natural hair is moisture, so make sure you have a simple method to maintain moisture (for example the LOC method).
Natural hair

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One go-to head wrap could save your life, you can secretly deep condition under it, hid your rough twists, or twist outs that are not ready all while looking pretty stylish.

Girl with natural hair

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Get you a go-to hairstyle that agrees with your hair.

Wash and go, the puff, pineapple, sleeked back bun, there are various quick hairstyles that also protect your hair.

Girl with natural hair

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