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3 Makeup Items From The Kim Kardashian Range We Would Totally Buy If We Could

Yaas girl!

Kim Kardashian and her family are celebrities we all love to hate but love at the same time. The Kardashian and Jenner clan are not only celebrities but brands as well and they have mastered the art of monetizing their fame. Kylie Jenner started off the makeup game by launching her very own range of lip kits and lip products that paved the way for eyeshadows, brushes and highlighters. Her older sister Kim, who should have been the first one to launch a beauty line because we all learnt to contour from her, then launched KKWBeauty which had a series of contours and highlighters. At first, it was received with a lot of backlash but that did not stop her from creating a brand which has become inclusive.Although the products are not available in Kenya, we could do some dream shopping together, shall we?

Here are the coolest products we would buy from the collection.
The cream contour set.

The kit contours, shades, highlights, sculpts and it blends in easily helping you have that amazing finish.

Ksh: 4800


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The Ultralight beams duo.

The set includes an ultra-shimmering loose powder and matching high shine lip gloss. The loose shimmering powder can also be used with some water to give it that highly pigmented finish.

Ksh: 3200

Kim K

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The yet to be released setting powder that she is teasing on social media.

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Would you buy the products if you could afford them? Here are the new makeup colors Fenty Beauty just released.
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