See How Kevin Hart Has Managed To Publicly Embarrass His Wife Yet AgainZUMI

See How Kevin Hart Has Managed To Publicly Embarrass His Wife Yet Again

In just a matter of weeks, Kevin Hart managed to cheat on his wife, attend her baby shower and act like he did no wrong.

We don’t blame him though, it’s their marriage and anyway, Eniko accepted the fact that it comes with the territory but they should have just have moved on quietly with their non-perfect lives. With social media, however, that’s all a dream because people feel the constant need to overshare and stay relevant.

Kevin Hart felt all lovey-dovey today and posted the following:

Thanking God for this beautiful strong woman that I am lucky enough to still be calling my wife today. You are truly amazing….Love you. #WCW#WCE#MyFuckingRib #Harts …


He should have ended it there but the keyboard seemed quite attractive:

P.S please feel free to insert your hate below….I’m as strong as it gets people so that shit doesn’t faze me. I’m not a bitch which is why my page isn’t private. I hope your negativity makes your day better. Love ya



In our humble opinion, he should just have texted his wife because this just reminded every woman in this world about their nonsense ex and that’s where things went downhill really fast. Of course people had something to say:

Words don’t mean shit! Your actions are what matters. How the hell you are going around cheating and then want to call your ex side piece “your rib” like it’s special when u already established u have many ribs?


Men always call a woman strong when she takes him back. They don’t call her strong during childbirth or when she has a job. Just when she takes him back after he embarrassed her.


You are bothered bro!! Cause if you weren’t…you won’t mention people hating on you in every post


Lol @ “still be calling my wife” it’s been ONE year and you done already publicly fucked up. How you gonna put your business out and be mad at people for commenting on what you put out



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Kevin just needs to be banned from social media, still embarrassing his wife like this. This Is Why KEvin Hart’s Ex Wife Torrei Is Profiting From His Infidelity And We Are Not Mad