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My Journey With Tinder And Nyama Mama Ribs

Visa GiveJoy 1 Nyama Mama zumi
Visa is bringing something special to people all over Kenya with their #GiveJoy special offers at participating restaurants.  ZUMI girl, Sheila, used her Visa for a special first date….

I joined Tinder the other day, finally! Being a single girl, I love expanding my meeting opportunities: I entertain men in clubs, in lounges, events, and even from online dating sites😇. Yea I know, meeting men from the internet is frowned upon. But I will attest: online dating always works for me! Since I was in my early 20’s to date, I have dated men I met from online dating sites, I have friends I met online, plus a few situation-ship’s along the way.

So in my rendezvous moments, I finally decided to jump in the bandwagon that is called Tinder. But since I joined it’s been hell of a roller-coaster. I have met dudes who ask point blank for sex in exchange of money, I still do not like or understand that whole thing about the man I choose to match with doesn’t like me back, what’s with that?? I mean, I thought the whole thing about online dating was to meet people, at least the other dating sites accommodate that.

Enough of my ranting, so in my Tinder journey, I met a man 😁. We chatted for a day and met the next. We decided to meet at Nyama Mama, the one at Delta Towers. Now I have never been to Nyama Mama before. I have heard the praises: a diner that is fun, modern and unpretentious with an African thing going on, so was up for the adventure.

Ladies, he came late! 15min late! Let’ get that out of the way first. I blame it on the hunger, because I still sat my pretty self-waiting on him. In all his 6’1” self, he strutted into Nyama Mama. At least he was apologetic and brought me chocolate, and all was forgotten.

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Since I have never been to this diner before, as is ritual, I ask the waiter to advice. Being a Tuesday, they had this special ribs meal that comes with a free cocktail when you use a Visa card. A full rack of ribs with a complimentary cocktail.

Dinner went well. He even came to help me pack – I was moving that Saturday. A gentleman. Or so I thought. After swooning my head with thoughts of future and castles…he went silent!! I am lefting Tinder, I cannot with these boys!