It Was All Harmless Fun AT First, How These Two Women Realized They Weren't Really StraightZUMI

It Was All Harmless Fun AT First, How These Two Kenyan Women Realized They Weren’t Really Straight

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Times have changed and we now live in a society that accommodates everyone and anyone.

Religion, race, tribe, sexuality, all these are very important aspects of human living. The LGBT community in Kenya is growing because of a lot more acceptance in society. Back in the day, especially in Africa, you did not want to be caught openly admitting to be gay or lesbian. It has and is still considered taboo but a lot more people are free about it. These three women have struggled with their sexuality and they give us a glimpse of how they knew they were not your average straight girl.


Berncy says, “My story is a bit embarrassing but I’ve found ways to find the funny side of it now. I started showing what you can call gay tenancies back in the day and when I look back now is when I realize it’s not just a thing that someone decided to be. Back in primary school, like class 5, I knew there was something ‘wrong’ with me when I noticed I started liking girls. I had a girl best friend and it developed into a huge crush. During swimming lessons, I would just stare at my classmates in the changing room. I’m sure some of them thought I was a perv. Of course I was confused about all of this. I was so young and didn’t know anything about lesbianism. I was clueless until later on in my teens when I realized and accepted that I was straight up gay!”

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Some of us may show signs early into our childhood while for others, they may find out later on and mostly in their developing years. It is definitely a controversial topic, but in our opinion, it’s best to embrace who you are and make the most out of it.

Another woman, Anne, now in her late twenties gives us her story. “I knew I was different when it came o my sexuality but I didn’t make a big deal out of it. All we were taught is that it’s wrong to be lesbian or gay and I definitely didn’t want to be associated with it. In my late teens I would experiment with girls and guys too. I thought my ‘girl phase’ would end. I was after all a teen. This is what we’re meant to do, crazy things right?  I had a boyfriend and he never found out about my escapades. Why should he anyway? It was all harmless fun. Well, my girl phase didn’t end. The more I did it the more I liked it and realized this was what I wanted. I was more comfortable with having sex with girls and as people say the rest is history.”

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It takes a lot of courage to come out of the closet and freely express your sexuality to those around you. We are sure so many women, both young and older, are struggling with this reality and are probably not open about it because they fear being discriminated. It is our hope that in the future we will be able to express ourselves sexually more without any fear of being stigmatized.

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