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How About We Play Some Paintball In Nairobi This Weekend?

Paintball festival- Zumi
If you’re looking for a chill weekend plan, you may want to check this out.

We’re all having a hard time getting back to the norm of things after new years. Here’s a perfect way of letting out some steam while still having lots of fun.

Paintball Festival and Fun Day is taking place at The Forest this weekend, January 14th, and there will be plenty of fun activities for you and your squad, that’s for sure. If you’ve never been, this event could be a great place to start.

Paintball festival- Zumi

Source: Tripadvisor

What could be a better way of spending your weekend than getting to know more about the game while meeting new people? For all of us who like bumming, get out of the house for once! And for all who were making plans for a drunk night out, forget about Westie this weekend.  Reservations can be made at

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