The Namibian Tribe Who's Culture Remains Untouched By ColonizationZumi

The Namibian Tribe Who’s Culture Remains Untouched By Colonization

Himba Tribe
The Himba (OmuHimbatribe are an isolated group of people numbering 50,000, living in Norther Namibian and along River Kuene in Angola.

The tribe is semi-nomadic and the style of the women of the Himba tribe is completely unique and has no western influence this includes their hair. The women are often clad in intricate jewellery, cloth wrapped around their waists, and wear their hair in different braids from their teens which they grow in a variety of styles. These styles are created clay and red ochre (from ferruginous soils). Here are some of the photos captured by Trevor Cole who documented this beautiful culture that stands firm in their traditions

While we are not too clear on the traditional significance of each hairstyle some of the hairstyles are unique dread-like looks, other are a twist on the cornrow (or perhaps the original way) all of them ae stunning.


himba-tribe-4 himba-tribe-5 himba-tribe-3 hima-tribe-2 himba-tribe-1 himba-tribe-6 himba-tribe-7


The Himba tribe’s aesthetic is beautiful to behold, what an exciting thing to know that there are still many forms of beauty that remain true to their history.



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