6 Hilarious Stages We Go Through As We Wait For Pay DayZUMI

6 Hilarious Stages We Go Through As We Wait For Pay Day

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Nobody told you adulting would be this hard for real!

Those of you who work understand what we are talking about. It’s like immediately you get your paycheck at the end of the month, it all goes away because bills! We have so many responsibilities and sometimes this sucks. When we were young, we couldn’t wait to grow up but now we wish we could savor the moments we were kids more than we did.

If we knew this is what we would get ourselves into, we wouldn’t be in such a hurry to grow up and leave our parent’s house. End month is always anticipated and sometimes living from hand to mouth during the month is all we can afford to do. Here are the stages we go through as we wait for end month.


1. Stage 1-pay day

Finally! After much anticipation, your salary checks in and the excitement from everyone in the office is clear.

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2. Stage 2- yassss!

Woe unto your bank account if pay day falls on a Friday. You can finally afford to ball out and it’s time to go buy those two pairs of shoes you saw at Backyard because well, you can!

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3. Stage 3-oh snap!

This is the moment when you come back to reality and remember that you actually have bills to pay and house shopping to do…

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4. Stage 4-sh*t

‘What have I done?’ That’s all that’s going through your mind as you wallow in regret and wish you hadn’t bought all those shoes. Broke times have come quicker than expected.

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5. Stage 5-cancelled plans

Now you actually have to budget your money and you can’t go out as much as you did on the first week after pay day. You go MIA on the squad because you have to be smart about your money.

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6. Stage 6-dying

This is probably the last week of the month and now you’re going back home on random visits but really you just want dinner. You avoid mama mboga and the kiosk guy because you haven’t paid the deni you have. You’re now waiting for the days to pass so you can get hold of your money and the cycle repeats itself!

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