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4 Heatless Methods You Can Use To Stretch Out Your Natural Hair After Wash Day

Heat and natural hair should never be in the same sentence.

The key reason your hair growth is stalling might be because you’ve been applying too much heat while styling. Needless to say that you need to put an end to that A.S.A.P! There are better ways to achieve length for styling purpose without the use of a blow-dryer or flat irons. It might seem like such a huge task but your hair will definitely thank you for it.

Here are some ways to avoid heat damage and stretch your hair at the same time:

Braid out/ Matutas

As rough as they may look, matutas in medium-sized sections can save you a headache and have your hair stretched out by the next morning. You can also do a few braided lines that will not only save you time but also define your curls.

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Perm rods/ Flexi rod set

This method doubles as both styling and a stretching technique! Whether you use perm rods, rollers, or flexi rods you will get some stretch. Flexi rods will give you the most elongation because they are longer than perm rods or rollers.

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Similar to African threading, the banding method consists of placing a hair tie or stretchable hair band along sections of your hair to elongate your curls.  This method is best used while the hair is still wet because your hair is in a state where it can be easily manipulated.

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Tension method

It involves blow drying but before you jump to conclusions, make sure to do this on a cool setting. Simply pull a section of hair taut and blow dry your roots, using the nozzle end on your blowdryer. This will provide instant stretch if you’re pressed for time.

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