Hairstyle Of The Week: Mr Eve's Tapered Dreadlocks CutZUMI

Hairstyle Of The Week: Mr Eve’s Tapered Dreadlocks Cut

Instagram Moments Zumi
Faux locks are making a come back!

Mt Eve a.k.a the gender blender is very popular amongst Instagram users because of her gender fluid style. She rocks suits better than Larry Madowo and is always spotted at the coolest events looking dapper in her chic shirts and ties. Her hair is not always the topic of conversation until recently when she decided to chop off the sides.

Hate it or love it, we think she looks amazing and very edgy.The hairstyle can be achieved by getting your hair shortened on the sides and then getting faux locks done on the remaining section of hair. Using funky colors is definitely a plus because they will ass some drama to the look.

Instagram Moments Zumi

Source: Mr__eve

Have you ever tried faux dreadlocks? Here are the most interesting colors to get on your faux locks.
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