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4 Simple Hacks To Avoid Getting Makeup On Your Clothes

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This has got to be one of the worst things when it comes to makeup.

If you find yourself being extra careful not to get any makeup stains onto your clothes when dressing or avoiding tight hugs when it comes to your friends, you know this struggle all too well. Nobody wants to walk around with a patch of foundation on their shirt or top. Getting all the stains out can be hard, especially when it comes to white garments! These are some ways you can avoid this from happening to you and also spare others the agony of having your makeup on their clothes.


1. Set your makeup

After applying makeup, use a setting spray. This makes sure your makeup stays in place. Primers also serve the same function. Apply a primer before doing your makeup.

makeup on clothes- Zumi

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2. Use a scarf

Get a scarf and cover your face when putting on any clothes that need to go over your head. This is one of your quickest solutions.

makeup on clothes- Zumi

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3. Avoid your jawline

When applying makeup, a lot of us blend it onto jawline and our neck area to make it appear seamless. If you can, avoid doing this (you should look for the perfect shade for your skin tone so you don’t have to) and you’ll be able to prevent any makeup from getting onto your clothes.

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4. Dampen your face

When you’re done applying makeup, pat your face with a damp cloth or towel to absorb any excess makeup. Just be careful not to rub it off because you’ll end up creating a mess.

makeup on clothes- Zumi

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