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8 Gorgeous And Chic DIY Kitchen Hacks On Storing Your Items

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If you live in an apartment, you know how stingy most of them are when it comes to kitchen space.

Most of the houses we have built have tiny kitchens and you wonder how you can make a small space fit all the necessary items you’ll need in your kitchen. This is even worse if you live in a bedsitter. Nobody wants a house which looks disorganized and with little space, it’s easy to end up like this. We don’t know about you but to us, the kitchen is the most important room in the house (that and the bedroom) and that’s why we love it to always look its best. Here are some simple hacks you can achieve to effortlessly store items in your kitchen and achieve a clean and chic look.


1. Dish drying rack

Let’s not even get started on those sinks that don’t have room for drying your dishes. The easiest way to achieve this is by mounting a dish drying rack on the wall. This will leave you with more space on your counter.

kitchen hacks- Zumi

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2. For those mwikos

A creative way to store your mwikos, spoons, forks and such is by putting them into mason jars. It gives a chic look and you can use your drawers for other things like chopping boards and container tops. Also it’s easier to pick out what exactly you need. You can also use used cans for a rustic look.

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3. Hanging wire baskets

You can use these to put your fruits and vegetables. the more baskets it has the more you’ll be able to store.

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4. Your drawers

If you have a large drawer without any shelves, you can create your own with some produce baskets.

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Source: Houzz


5. Fridge drawers

This is the perfect way to make the most out of your fridge space. You’ll have a lot more storage space for your food than just the shelves that come with the fridge.

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Source: AliExpress.com


6. Rack on your fridge

If you want extra space for condiments, you can attach a rack on the side of your fridge to store a lot of cans, jars or your favorite spices.

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Source: AliExpress.com


7. Pan rack

This is a clean way to store your pans without having them looking cluttered. Your nearest fundi can mount one for you at a good deal.

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Source: lumberjocks.com


8. Mix and match shelving

This is perfect for your dishes. Vibrant colours also do the tick in bringing life and character to your kitchen.

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