Here Are 5 Lessons We Can Learn From This Whole Githeri Man StoryZUMI

Here Are 5 Lessons We Can Learn From This Whole Githeri Man Story

Elections are over some are winners, some are losers but Githeri man has become an icon for the 2017 elections.

As usual Kenyans don’t waste any time, that’s the only reason why Githeri man has gone viral. As much as it’s funny story it can teach you a lot about our country and the kind of people we are.

Here are a few observations:

There’s power in individuality, githeri man was just standing in line ready to vote but unwilling to starve to do it, now he’s a Kenyan hero.


Our sense of humour is unparalleled. It’s a rib crackking affair one meme at a time.


There’s power in social media because he has now been found. We should use social media to focus on positivity and helping people.


We are going to be Ok because we don’t have time for tension and would rather laugh all day at Githeri man memes and photoshop pics.


With fame comes a mlolongo of beauties because you now seem more attractive. Martin Kamotho aka Githeri man better watch out.



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