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Getting Out Of The Post-Holiday Blues This Njaanuary

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Drinksember ended just as fast as it began and most of us are back to work or school and this is honestly a depressing time.

The first month of the year is always the hardest and especially week one of getting out of holiday mode, knowing all the horrors that await; work, school, ‘brokeness’, sigh…  as much as it may suck, it’s unavoidable and these can make it a lot easier and less agonizing as you ease your way back to reality.


1. Cleaning.

Especially if you’ll be gone for a holiday, make sure you leave things in order before you leave. Who wants to be back home greeted with a pile of dirty dishes in the sink or a heap of laundry that needs a wash?

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2. To-do list.

Before leaving for any vacay, you’ll want to check off some things from  your list so that you’ll have less to do when you get back.

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3. Scheduling.

It’s wise to not make any major plans during the first few days of you being back from your holiday, especially if you know it will take up a lot of your time and will need for you to do a lot of preparations.

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4. Days off.

To ensure that you’re well rested before getting back toy our hectic life, make sure that you’re back with a few more days to spare where you can continue relaxing.

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5. Have a mini-vacay when you’re back.

Just because your holiday is over doesn’t mean that you shouldn’t enjoy the last few days before you get back to your schedule. Meet up with friends or do other fun activities to chase the FOMO away.

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