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We Have Found The Tastiest Reason To Have A Week Night Out At Brew Bistro

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Drinking on a weekday is like a sweet taboo. You know you shouldn’t do it, matter of fact, the ‘I will be home by 12am latest’ line is always a lie, but you still do it anyway. Story of my life this week. I was at Brew Bistro, on Tuesday, yea, Tuesday. Have you ever drunk on a Tuesday then you have to go to work on a Wednesday? It’s pure torture!

Brew was not packed, for the first time, I could see seats! When was the last time you saw free seats at Brew Bistro, at night?? I know I hadn’t, till that night. So there we were, three gals carried to a shisha smoke out session by one of us who had been invited by some guy who turns out to be Arab. Who we find seated with a flock of Arab guys.

Now, Arab guys are cute and all that…but they’ve never been my type. So my perception was already tainted from the word go, guard up nini nini. After the usual greeting, we got ourselves cosy, ordered Long Island’s and sat pretty waiting for Shisha. Then over came one of these guys with silky hair tied at the back. He was tall, not sturdy as I like, he balanced on that skinny-but-fit type weigh scale. I was done for! I lit up! Christmas lights had nothing on me! I was on that flirty mode, and chatted this guy for hours! Which reminds me, he didn’t ask for my number after that. So I don’t know if all that nodding was him listening or so I could finish talking.

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Focusing on the positivity here: the night was great to say the least. Here we were, legs stretched out on the couches, chilling with six, straight-out-of-the-magazine type of men, sipping on Long Island’s, smoking shisha…what more could one want from a random Tuesday night? Ladies, if you are looking for a different club crowd in terms of men and not akina ‘cheers baba’, you most definitely should try Brew on a weekday. But do not be like me who ended up getting to the house at 2am! (see my life). There’s no need to tell you how my Wednesday was at work.

I think Brew does it for me now, and not on a Friday/Saturday…unless I am heaping jobo like 3pm, I will not get a seat. It shall be a weekday. Plus, I hear there is an offer when you use a Visa card to get complimentary tapas when you buy a bottie, either Gin, Vodka, Whiskey or Champagne from Tuesday-Sunday at like 5pm till they close shop. And its hump day, iss a plan ladies!





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