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Forget Sponsors, This Might Be How Your Fave Socialite Got All The Money To Stunt In Dubai

We always hear the dodgy stories about how these socialites managed to get from rags to rich.

As a matter of fact, they always leave us on cliffhangers alluding to horror stories tarmacking in Dubai and flat tummy teas then quickly shove the fact that they did indeed graduate just to distract us from the real truth.

Well, according to reports, Dubai has been teeming with professional beggars aka smart beggars who make more than CEOs in their countries. These beggars enter Dubai legally on 3-month visas and then proceed to hit the jackpot begging for alms.

Begging in Dubai is so lucrative that people come into the UAE legally, on a three-month travel visa, just so they can fill their pockets on the streets. It may sound shocking, but some of these so-called “professional beggars” or “smart beggars” can earn up to Dh270,000 ($73,500) per month.


Although begging is illegal in Dubai, reports indicate that there are now Arab and Asian gangs bringing beggars into Dubai legally and then taking most of their earnings.

But how do they manage to get such ridiculous amounts of cash just by begging?

They convince people with their stories and earn their sympathies. I used to give money to such people in the beginning. Later I realised that this has become a phenomenon and ignored their stories,” Nawal Al Naqbi, a resident of Dubai, told The Khaleej Times.


In one campaign to stop people from begging across the country, Dubai officials found many people had entered on legal visas.

Some of the beggars were carrying passports issued with business or tourist visas. In the campaign, we found that the majority of beggars had entered the country legally with a three-month visa, in order to collect as much money as they could during their time here,’ said Faisal Al Badiawi, Head of Markets Section at the municipality.


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Ha! This might be the conception of every designer bag and European vacay post your favourite socialite made on social media. We have to respect the hustle though, it takes real guts for anyone to travel just to beg.

Would we do it?


Because jail time and deportation is a no when you invested all your money for a visa and pocket money to go find an actual proper job in Dubai. At the same time, desperate times call for desperate measures. We wouldn’t know the real reasons why some of these people are doing this.

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