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After #PayModelsKe Guys Who Rape Girls At Parties Are Now Being Called Out On #LetsStopSexWithoutConsent

The level of happiness we are at right now is unfathomable. Ladies have decided that enough is enough, we are demanding for our rights and done with taking bullshit from now onwards.

After Sheila Kanini revolutionized the modelling industry with her hashtag #paymodelske, other women are following suit but this time the situation is worse. Reports of girls getting raped at house parties after being drugged or after blacking out from drinking alcohol are rampant. However, these girls keep mum because obviously, they’ll get blamed for getting raped.

First of all, what people must understand that:


Today, Elsie Akoth a poet and freelance model exposed some Kenyan guys for exactly what they are. On her Instagram Instastories, she let us know exactly what has been going on and that girls are suffering in silence. With her hashtag #LetsStopSexWithoutConsent, numerous girls have come out to share their stories albeit anonymously because as we said, they’ll get blamed if they said their names.

From the screenshots, it’s hard not to cry and feel the pain that these girls have gone through. Worse still, the guys responsible are people that these girls have gone to school with and hang out with as friends. Most of the testimonials come from girls who go to school in USIU, In other cases, it’s the boyfriends who turn on their girlfriends, so sad: Check it out below:


Wow! As women we need to stick together because see the way men treat us! With utter disrespect and inconsideration. Objectification is the norm. These perpetrators need to be brought to justice, this cannot continue. Since the conversation started, Elsie has taken the right course :

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We are so proud of Elsie and the Victims who were bold enough to come forward and share their stories. Share this story everywhere you can because rape is rape, it should never be justified!







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