It's A Family Affair: Diamond's Mother Is Preparing To Give Him A Sibling Anytime Soon - ZUMIZUMI

It’s A Family Affair: Diamond’s Mother Is Preparing To Give Him A Sibling Anytime Soon

It turns out that Diamond Platnumz is not the only one multiplying and filling the earth.

In an interview with Dizzim online, a Tanzanian media company, Diamond’s mother, Sandra, reveals personal details about her love life and social media stating, she’s already married and preparing to¬†give her 2 children more siblings.

There has been controversy surrounding the man she got married to with people claiming he’s way younger than her but from the interview, she does not seem bothered by it. Age ain’t nothing but a number.


When asked about her sassy social media persona, Sandra did not hesitate to point out that it’s her social media account and she has the right to post whatever she wants. This woman did not come to play huh?

Dizzim online conducted the interview last weekend during Diamond’s friend’s wedding which the singer and his family attended. Watch it in the video below and hear what Mama D is working with.

This woman is definitely not to be messed with, she’s all that and a bag of chips. We Can’t Wait For Diamond’& Zari’s Wedding After Seeing These Pictures Of Them At Their Friend’s Wedding

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