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Will Smith Remaking Jaden’s Iconic Music Video Is The Perfect Example Of Fun Fatherhood

Will Smith has been gracing our TV ever since Fresh Prince of Belair days.

After numerous movies, awards and 2 kids later, the 49-year-old is sitting back and letting his kids and wife shine as they take on their different fields. His son Jaden recently released a song, icon, which has done well on the music streaming service Spotify.

In honour of his son Jaden’s single “Icon” hitting 100 million spins on Spotify, Will Smith just filmed a wild shot-for-shot recreation of the track’s music video. That’s not all, he copied the video right down to the bleached hair, chains, grills and even the visuals.

This was not all for fun though, in an Instagram post, Will Smith shared the reason behind the remake saying:

It is a Delicious Gift for a Parent to Admire his children. Keep Doin’ You!

Watch the 2 videos below, starting with the original by Jaden then Will Smith’s remake, it’s so good.


Here’s Will Smith’s version

Wow! This is so fun and a good representation of how father-son relationships ought to be. It’s also great to see that Will Smith hasn’t lost his sense of humour. Nigerian Actress Tonto Dikeh Dressed Up Like A Man On Father’s Day And People Got Mad

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