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Shaffie Just Dished On Who Nick Mutuma’s Baby Mama Is

nick mutuma bridget shighadi
Last week Nick Mutuma broke the news that he is the new father in town.

Welcoming his baby girl Dua on Instagram, Nick successfully removed himself from the eligible group. He’s also been keeping his baby mama a mystery but not anymore.

Thanks to Shaffie, we just learnt that Bridget Shighadi is Nick Mutuma’s love and mother of his first born child!


According to the radio presenter cum columnist, Nick relocated to Los Angeles when he got a scholarship to study acting at the ULCA. Bridget on the other hand moved to Florida a while back to be with her family.

Shaffie, on his column Raverend Juice, says that the two are working on parenthood together although it’s a tough job seeing that they are in two different states.

Of course, Nick and his stunning love Shighadi are yet to confirm or deny these claims. Still, would their homeboy lie on paper just to get some views?


We think not!

Bridget Shighadi and Nick Mutuma were the highlight of celebrity romance a few years back.

nicknmutuma brigdet shighadi daughter

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After they broke up, bridget went private about her dating life and only made news with her fashion streak. Nick Mutuma on the other hand fell for the gorgeous model Tanasha Donna but that they soon separated.

When Nick started his series, This Is It on NTV, the chemistry between him and his co-star Chy Nwakanma was so palpable that one would think that their intimate role on screen was beyond office hours.

Now we can attribute that to really good acting and wish Charles and Bridget the very best as they start their new life as parents.

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