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“Call Him Only If It’s Urgent” Anerlisa Has Some Advice On How To Treat Your Man

Anerlisa Muigai’s relationships have played out right before our very own eyes. From one relationship to the next, her journey has been interesting.

She recently revealed her new man, sang together in cars, threw birthday parties that looked like weddings and from the looks of it, they’re very much in love. We just hope that this relationship will last because Anerlisa is getting wiser as she gets older. In an Instagram post today, she showed us that she’s definitely practising what works for her relationship.

This is what she said:

Ladies a piece of advice. I am not an expert in relationships but I’ll address two issues that stress women. If you want peace and happiness, please let your man be. This calling your man every minute because he is out of your site needs to stop. Call him only if it’s urgent. You should never lack sleep because he left at 7 pm and by 4 am he is not back, he is a grown ass man who is fully aware of what time he should get back.


On the other hand, his phone should be none of your business. You need to trust your man, you cannot stop a man from cheating. The more he feels nagged the more he wants you out of his site. Those who say that your man will cheat on you, I always ask them ” so should we call a press conference and address the issue?” nkt. It should really be none of their business.


Put yourself first, love yourself, respect yourself and everything else should be last. Never stress yourself because of a man, if one relationship fails then off to the next one. Have peace of mind and relax. The only thing that should ever stress you are your children and work. Have a great Sunday.

Source: Instagram/Anerlisa

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Well, we don’t think this would work for everyone because every relationship is different but as she said, it’s just a piece of advice and she’s not a relationship expert. However, the self-love and self-respect are universal, it’s not debatable because only when women love themselves do men realize their worth.

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