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Guess What? Eating Bacon And Eggs During Pregnancy Could Boost Your Baby’s IQ

bacon and eggs are good for pregnancy
Pregnancy just got cooler.

A new study revealed the importance of stuffing yourself with bacon and eggs during pregnancy.

According to the research, eating foods like bacon and eggs during pregnancy can boost your baby’s IQ.


Yup, you read right.

Eating certain foods can help make your baby smarter.

The study found that women who ate bacon and eggs during the third trimester scored higher than the rest during postnatal testing.


The secret? Choline.

This is a nutrient that helps to develop brain cells and regulate its functions. It also protects the baby from birth defects like Spina Bifida and other mental problems like depression.

We’ll just throw in a few pictures to get you hungry.

bacon and eggs are good for pregnancy

Source: Snyper

However, this is not an excuse to overfeed on bacon. (In a perfectly healthy world that would be a thing).

According to Science Daily, all you need is 425 milligrams of choline a day. An egg counts about 147 mg, eating four eggs would do the trick but then you’d be putting you and the baby at risk by having high cholesterol.

Hmm Bae-con…bacon and eggs are good for pregnancy

Luckily, small amounts of choline can also be found in vegetables and abundantly in wheat, milk, peanut butter, broccoli, salmon, and chocolate.

We are certainly adding bacon to our meal plans after this.

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