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A Guide To Understanding This White Woman’s Viral Foolishness And The Internet’s Reaction

Being black is lit, isn’t it? Black people and blackness are so great that this random white woman decided she must have it.

Rachel Dolezal is a white woman from the US who in 2015 was exposed for masquerading as a black woman. And not just saying she was a light-skinned black person. She was president of NAACP, taught classes on black womanhood, conducted workshops on racism and misogynoir. She has also been on record telling black women they were not being black enough or the correct black.

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In short, she gave the black community around the world trust issues when it comes to relating to our light-skinned brothers and sisters and her surfacing also contributed to some priceless tweets and memes.


Lmao I used a filter to make her darker lol #askracheldolezal #growingupblack 😂

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#askracheldolezal #AskRachel

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After we had had our laughs, think pieces and processed the utter nerve of this woman. Out of nowhere, she decided to attempt to out black Black-Americans by changing her name to a West African name that means (ironically) gift of godNkechi short for Nkechinyere. And every Nigerian on the internet gave a resounding and unanimous ahbeg.

But wait there is more!

Naturally being in the public light means some stories will surface, especially when you do not have an Olivia Pope at your disposal. Acclaimed blogger Luvvie Ajaye let us in on some gossip that happened to fall on her lap, or rather her Facebook inbox. Where Rachel’s previous colleague at the university she used to teach in tells us about this made-in-china black woman went from hostile over issues affecting black people to thirsting after the man. Said man, an academic initially seeking assistance with addressing issues with racism from a fellow educator, the gentleman was kind enough to provide screenshots.

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While laughing at her is fun, it is important to understand that her acts are unacceptable. Her performance of blackness undermines the very real racial issues our world faces and says that blackness is a costume to be used and discarded at will. Transracial is not a thing because race is a social construct created to place black people and people of color at a disadvantage; Rachel’s actions mocks that disadvantage.

Rachel Dolalzel (we will not be referring to her by any Nigerian name) is evidence that a person will do anything for attention and rent money.