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Dumb Things Kenyans Say To Pregnant Women

Pregnant woman, toddler
We all tend to be in awe of pregnant women, and understandably so, they are in the middle of making a life.

And sometimes we say stupid things when we are awestruck. Which puts a lot of expecting mothers in uncomfortable and downright annoying situations. So perhaps we should be a bit more mindful of our words and let pregnant women create life in peace.


1. “Umeamua kuzaa”

Well… when you are pregnant there isn’t much of a choice in the birthing of this child.

Source: Giphy

Source: Giphy


2. “Wacha zako mbona hukutumia condom, ulitaka utamu ehee vumilia basi.”

Pregnancy is not a punishment for sex.

Viola Davis, eye roll

Source: Giphy


3. “How do you sleep?”

With my eyes closed.

House, eye roll

Source: Giphy


4. “Unakaa umechoka!”

Growing a human is not easy, literally a miracle. A woman’s entire physiology is working round the clock to grow a person! Plus telling someone they look tired is a little rude.

Viola Davis

Source: Giphy

5. “Another one….isn’t it a bit too early second born ako how old?”

Why are you taking medicine for a headache that is not yours?


Source: TMZ


6. “Family planning zilipanda bei?”

Yes so logically opted for the cheaper option, having kids.

Source: Giphy

Source: Giphy


7. “Ambia mzee congrats kwa kazi poa.”

It’s kind of a joint venture and only one person is gestating the child.

Source: Giphy

Source: Giphy

Perhaps we should all be more considerate when speaking to pregnant women leave it at congrats, keep it short and sweet.
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