7 Crazy Cool Activities To Try If You Are Spending Christmas Alone With BaeZUMI

7 Crazy Cool Activities To Try If You Are Spending Christmas Alone With Bae

The holidays are upon us! For most this is probably time to go to shagz to spend time with family, but if you are plotless and happen to have a bae who is just as plotless, things may look a little bleak.

But they really do not have to be. Spending Christmas with your boyfriend or hubby with no kids around could be more fun than you ever imagined, you just have to get a little creative. Here are some activities to inspire you not only to get your romance on, but also discover a part of each other you did not know existed before.


1. Come up with a Chrismas tradition just for you two. 

This year my boyfriend and I decided to try out hiding notes and candy in different parts of the house and make it competitive, we are curious to see how that turns out.



2. Take time to explore each other’s interests. 

One way to tolerate your man’s interests that you otherwise find boring is to try them out. For example now would be a good time to try PS or that book he could not stop obsessing about, hell even try watch Star Wars.

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3. This would be a good time to both explore the city.

Nairobi CBD is a GHOST TOWN, around this period, walk around, take interesting photo’s or even a simple picnic at the park.

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4. This is the perfect time to experiment in the kitchen. 

Now would also be the time to force him to make something even if he is not into cooking. Teach the guy at least one recipe even if it’s as simple as vanilla cupcakes.

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5. This would also be a good time to make team goals. 

This is actually the perfect time to both set your goals together before the madness of January begins. Set out your goals and keep tabs on each other throughout the year.

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6. Organize a camping road trip together. 

Discover new routes together and camp all the way, this will be a great way to learn new things about each other.



7. Discover exciting new ways to spice up the bedroom 

No need for explanation here. You neighbors will probably have traveled, take advantage of it.

Source; jujumama

Source; jujumama