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These Old School Beauty Products Will Take Any Kenyan Woman Down Memory Lane

These are beauty products that will always remind you of your younger days.

Most of these products are memorable because my mum used them. When we were younger our mothers never really trusted us with their beauty products because most times, they thought we would eat them or end up wasting them.

Some of these products are not as popular, but back then, they were the must have products in every woman’s life.


1. Fair and lovely.

Fair & lovely was a must have for every high school student. It was meant to smooth out the terrible teenage pimples.

auty products from the past

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2. Hair Glo.

Hair Glo was a hair brand that was used to soften and help style the kinky African hair. Many women had they  smelled fantastic and I remember thinking it tasted delicious.

Beauty products from the past

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3. Mood lipsticks.

They are lipsticks that changed colour to pink or red once applied on the lips. They were basic lipsticks but at that time, owning them automatically made you cool.

auty products from the past

Source: Mood


4. Dax hair oil.

Way before there was Marini naturals, Nice and Lovely or Movit, women in Kenya enjoyed using Dax hair food. The packaging has been changed since then but the content is more or less the same. This was the hair oil that was used when hair was straightened using hot combs.

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Source: Dax


5. Ponds.

Yes, this is where the name came from. Many women still think that powders are called ponds up to today. Ponds were one of the first powder brands there ever was.

Beauty products

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6. Cutex nail polish.

This product is the reason why every nail polish is referred to as cutex. It is still hard to convince people that there are different nail polish brands.

Beauty products

Source: cutex


7. Hot comb.

Before there were blow dries and flat irons, hot combs were used to straighten kinky hair. They were placed on a stove or directly on a source of heat. Then the hot comb was used to comb out the hair. I do not know how people were not afraid of this dangerous tool. Imagine getting your hair straightened by a person with a hand that is not steady.

Beauty products

Source: the rouge collection

Which are your most memorable beauty products?





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