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‘Avoid Negative Energy’ Advice From Nameless This New Year

Nameless advice- Zumi
This couldn’t be truer!

It had definitely been a rough 2017 for Nameless, Wahu and his family in whole as he had been unwell for a while and that’s why we are all for his advice this new year. Having pulled through and recovered, he took to his Instagram to share his sentiments on the new year and what exactly you should do as you try and begin again.

Nameless advice- Zumi

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“2017 was an interesting year… I learnt so much about myself and life. I learnt what matters and what I shouldnt stress about… i learnt that , on the real, every day you wake up alive is a gift from God… I avoid negative energy and stay postive and fearless! I learnt that alot of people love me and I love and appreciate them back!! #2018issaBlessedyear#saladpoolnimzitoJoh#mwanaumenikubebawifebilakusita#newmusicdroppingkesho #DubaiwasFun#Godlovesme #feelsgoodtobeback”

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Honestly, Nameless and Wahu are totally couple goals and that’s why we are always watching for what they have to say when it comes to dishing some advice.

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