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Are You Feeling Larry Madowo’s New Look? KOT Give Their Usual Honest Opinion

Larry Madowo look- Zumi
We love how Larry Madowo always causes a stir on social media with the subtle things he does. 

He describes himself as petty anyway, and we are always here for some petty. Larry was on a vacay for what seemed like an eternity (jealous much) and he was back with a new look. He might be a tad late for no shave November, but better late than never. He joined the beard gang and we are feeling it! Not everyone is, though… See what KOT have to say about his new look.

Larry Madowo look- Zumi

Source: Twitter


1. This one has jokes

“Coz already represented, then you should change to Larry Mandevu, Second of his name: The unmarried; The tourist…….. etc etc”

happy eddie murphy GIF



2. The thirst is real

“That beard. Umeenda majuu ukarudi ukiwa Ka snack.”

Cecily Strong The Thirst Is Real GIF by Saturday Night Live



3. It’s January, he should understand

“Buda! kwani ulikula pesa za Kinyozi.”

Broke No Money GIF



4. We think not!

“Yu just stopped slaying..”

Beyonce I Slay GIF



5. Because it could be fake?

“There’s progress you however need to go through vetting by the committee to ascertain the legitimacy of your beard.”

fake basketball wives GIF by VH1



6. Let Larry enjoy this single life!

“Hiyo inamaanisha umeacha utoto so mzae oa before madem wote wajakua maslay queen.”

single soul food GIF by WE tv



7. Ouch!

“What you mean?  What new beard?”

kenan thompson wow GIF



8. People can be savage

“Mwenye alidanganya Larry anakaa poa Na ndevu mungu anakuona”

savage GIF



9. So spot on

“Luxuriant on the face, alopecia on the pate.”

mike tyson lol GIF



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10. It’s definitely going down in Larry’s DM

“Najua DM yako sahizi imejaa zaidi..wasalimie.”

dm GIF



What do you think of Larry’s new look, yay or nay?

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