Keroche Industries Heiress Anerlise Muigai Engaged To Her Boyfriend Of Five YearsZUMI

Keroche Industries Heiress Anerlise Muigai Underwent A Complete Health Transformation and Is Now Engaged

Another one is gone guys! Team #foreveralone is slowly thinning out but don’t worry ladies, we have time and the year is young. Keroche Industries founder’s daughter, and the CEO of Nero Bottled Water is engaged.

The 29-year-old who also just celebrated her birthday has been dating her now fiance Stephen Kung’u for five years, and was clearly ecstatic as she broke the news on her Instagram.

“Call me old school but I am one of those girls who cook everyday and iron clothes every morning. Not that I can’t get anyone to do it, I feel more of a woman doing them. I have come across ladies who won’t go to the kitchen because they do not want to spoil their nails. Commitment takes a lot of sacrifice and patience.”

Miss Muigai who has been struggling with weight issues seems to be winning and winning lately. Last year, the business woman managed to shed more than 40 kilos, a struggle she says has been physically and mentally draining.

As I turn 29 years today I thought I post my last before and after picture and also help those planning on starting Weightloss. For fastest results do juicing in the morning, do Vegan for lunch and dinner. Vegan diet is NOT vegetarian. With Vegan diet you cannot eat eggs and dairy products like milk unlike vegetarian. For juicing and Vegan recipes visit They have lots of recipes and easy to follow. If you follow that seriously, results are so easy to achieve right away. Only problem is that if you go outside the diet, you add all the weight back in such a short time. But if u are patient like me and if you want long term results just cut saturate Oils, processed Sugar and go for the Organic (brown) Carbohydrates. Drink lots of water #executivestillwater.Gym at least 4 times a week. You can contact my trainer @godiadaniel if you want. +254 722 986 605 Greatful for another year and also grateful for everyone who gives me support everyday. sometimes I want to go back to my bad eating habits but when I remember how many people I inspire, I just can't deal with letting anyone down. Words cannot describe how that makes me feel. Finally happy birthday to everyone who shares same birthday date as me. God bless and may all your resolutions come true. #Godfirst #mybirthday #29years #healthfirst #weightloss #1yearesults #hardwork #commitment #determination #greatful

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“Have you ever reached to that point in your life where everyone thinks you have everything but deep down you feel you have nothing? Well that’s how I felt last year when I was 124kgs. My world had crashed, I didn’t look forward to the next day, I had only 3 clothes that fitted my size 24 body, I completely stopped loving myself, simple things like hair and nails were a mission to do. I hated everything around me, I also hated anyone who commented about my weight, just ate like a pig to be honest. What even hurt most was seeing screen munches of people discussing about my weight and making fun of it. My family worried about me especially my mother who used to look straight into my eyes with her teary eyes begging me to loose weight. I avoided family functions because I didn’t like any comments about what I ate.” – She said in a post last year. 

Congratulations girl!



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