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Anerlisa Muigai Finally ‘Unveils’ Her New Boyfriend At Ruraciu

After weeks of trying to hide her new boo on social media, Anerlisa has finally given up.
Keroche Heiress Anerlisa Muigai has finally revealed her boyfriend after someone leaked his pictures online.
The founder and Chief Executive Officer of NERO company had vowed to keep her personal life under wraps after she broke off her engagement to one Stephen over infidelity.
And she’s done a great job for the past few months by only sharing pictures of her new beau with his face covered or blurred.
Well not anymore. She wrote,
“My wish was to keep this private but somehow somebody leaked his WhatsApp profile pictures online so it doesn’t make sense hiding him…meet DK officially.”
Not much is known about this yummy monsieur in Anerlisa’s life but from the looks of it she’s happy with him and we wish them nothing but the best.
Check them out.
Anerlisa and her bae seem to be debating when their ruracio is going to be
Source: Instagram/Anerlisa
They totally need to frame this
Source: Instagram/Anerlisa
We think his new boo is quite handsome, she better keep him under lock and key because the thirst is real out here.
Meanwhile, this is how it all started Someone Came For Anerlisa muigai As She Posted A Pic Of Her New Bae But She Wasn’t Having It
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