8 African Movies You Should Watch Before Buying Those Matching Outfits For Your RuracioZUMI

8 African Movies You Should Watch Before Buying Those Matching Outfits For Your Ruracio

We all know how it feels scrolling through Facebook only to see one more classmate getting hitched but alas! It’s now your turn.

Marriage is a huge step in any woman’s life, it may seem rosy until you go through the motions. Worse still when you go complaining to your mom and all she has to say is “vumilia hata sisi tulivumilia.” So before you commission matching outfits from your tailor for you and bae you need to get schooled. Luckily, there are numerous movies done right here in Africa that can give you a detailed glimpse into what you can expect.

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1. The Perfect Picture Watch Now

Keeping up appearances may not work for you. These three beautiful women who are pushing 30 make bold attempts to change their live which, from the outside, already seem perfect but destiny plays a joke on them.


2. 29 Watch Now

Just when you think your life is running smoothly. Watch as Terry, a successful twenty-nine year old woman who is living a perfect life, but not for long as one thing leads to another and her perfect world starts crumbling.


3. Fanie Fourie’s Lobola Watch Now

If you are marrying someone in another culture then this comedy with a South African twist is just for you.When an Afrikaans man and a Zulu girl fall in love, complications arise when the terms of dowry need to be negotiated. It will prepare you for the inlaws visit.

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4. Behind The Veil Watch Now

Don’t let anyone decide for you my dear. This young lady is torn between what she wants and what society wants, a beautiful bride-to-be must battle with her feelings, face her inner demons and choose between the past and her future.


5. Life Begins  Watch Now

Marriage does not guarantee fidelity so keep your eyes open. In this movie, Kate’s serene marriage is shattered a few days before her 35th birthday when a routine medical check-up uncovers she is HIV positive. Whilst holding herself responsible for placing her family’s lives at risk, she discovers her husband Gerald is not as innocent as he portrays himself to be. Cheeei!


6. The Honeymoon Watch Now

Make sure you know who you marry. See how this newlywed couple is looking forward to their honeymoon. However, nothing prepares them for what is about to happen to them the night before flying out of Nigeria to an unknown destination. This tragedy will shake the core values of their marriage.


7. The Thing About Love Watch Now

Never do what others want for you. You won’t believe how this young lady who is being pressurized to get married by her mother finds the man of her dreams and finally gets married. She later lives to regret the decision.


8. Flower Girl  Watch Now

If he wants to leave, let him! Don’t be like this young florist who is desperate to tie the knots with her long term boyfriend, suddenly breaks up with her, leaving her devastated. In desperation to get him back, she teams up with a most unlikely friend a famous playboy Nollywood star.

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Flower Girl






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