In Case You Didn't Know, Here's How Activated Charcoal Can Affect Your Birth ControlZUMI

In Case You Didn’t Know, Here’s How Activated Charcoal Can Affect Your Birth Control

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Activated charcoal is popular for its health benefits all over the world.

It has amazing properties that are good for your skin and teeth and also has amazing detox capabilities. This is because it has tiny pores which attract, bond, and trap positively charged toxins, in your body through a process called adsorption, and then carries them out through waste. Glorified for its health properties, it can however, affect birth control.

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Virginia-based gastroenterologist Patricia Raymond, MD, told Women’s Health that using activated charcoal while on birth control may make your birth control less effective, which can potentially lead to an unwanted pregnancy.

She said “The problem with activated charcoal products is that they absorb the drugs in your body, which can render your birth control ineffective.

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Pretty scary and unfortunate that you may be doing all the right things and find yourself in such a situation. Activated charcoal was found to hinder the effectiveness of about 200 drugs and one of these could be contraceptives and gynecologist Alyssa Dweck, MD, author of The Complete A to Z for Your V, confirms it by saying the whole purpose of activated charcoal is to prevent absorption of anything foreign in the body to prevent toxicity.

It means that we should all avoid taking activated charcoal when undergoing treatment or when on any medication so as to not render them ineffective.

Research further noted that it is only when taken in large doses that this can happen, so if you’re on any contraceptives, you might want to keep it a minimum.

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