22-Year-Old Kenyan Student Is Redefining Safety For Kenyans Through An AppZumi

22-Year-Old Kenyan Student Is Redefining Safety For Kenyans Through An App

A young Kenyan student is making life safer for the average Kenyan, with an app called Usalama.

Kenya’s crime rate is at an all-time high with Nairobi’s crime rate being at double the national average. At the same time, according to Ipsos, less than half the victims of a crime did not report the crime to the police. Armed robberies carjackings and break-ins happen all the time and a street crime, carjackings, home invasions and kidnapping. In addition, plenty suffers domestic violence in silence. Partly because most Kenyans believe the police will not help, or simply do not know where to go to get help or who to call.  Edwin Inganji, a student with a passion for Computer Science is looking to solve this problem with his app Usalama

“In Nairobi, in Kenya generally, reaching the emergency services when you need them is really difficult – the toll-free line just doesn’t go through,” says the 22 year old developer.

The app lets you send out distress calls to fellow users (by manually opening the app, shaking your phone or holding down the volume button), save emergency contacts and request your friend to virtually walk you home.


What do you guys think? Is this app on the way to solving the high crime rate in our country?
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