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5 People You Are Bound To Find In Nairobi Matatus

matatu people- Zumi
Any Kenyan who has never climbed a matatu is not really Kenyan.

Well, you get what I mean anyway. Matatus are what most of us use on a daily basis and trust that you will come across people who can either make your day or ruin it altogether. These are 5 people you are bound to find in the matatu on your way to run your errands.

1. The sleepy head

This is one person you can’t kosa especially in Rongai and Ngong’ matatus, because mileage! Woe unto you if you’re seated next to this person because they will keep dozing off, laying all their weight on you. So annoying.

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2. Miraa chewers

If you see someone enter a jav with a black paper bag (now that that was banned, they have to be a bit more strategic) and njugu, they are planning to chew a whole lot of miraa and we don’t know about you, but it is such a turn off to a lot of us.

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3. Annoying students

Then there are the annoying students who will almost always enter the matatu in groups. They are loud and by the time they alight you know all the udaku for their campus.

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4. The dodgy one

When this person enters the mat, you’re automatically on high alert. They look so shifty you’re scared you just might get robbed and won’t even know when it happens.

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5. The slay queen

She would rather much be in an uber but funds are a bit low and she has no choice but to use the matatu that day.

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