5 Stylish Must Have Scarves For This Cold Nairobi WeatherZUMI

5 Stylish Must Have Scarves For This Cold Nairobi Weather

scarf- Zumi
We thought the weather was as usual playing with us but it seems like the cold is actually here to stay.

For the longest, this Nairobi weather just couldn’t seem to make up its mind. It would rain in the morning then just after you’ve left the house dressed like it was winter season, the sun would ruthlessly pop up and sweat and shine would be the order of the day. Not anymore. The cold has decided to stay with us and you know you have to always slay no matter what.

These are six scarves you should add to your closet to keep you away from the biting Nairobi cold while still keeping you glamorous.


1. The statement scarf

We all need a bright scarf that will make any dull outfit pop and in this gloomy dark weather, it will do the trick.

scarf- Zumi

Source: taneshaawasthi.com


2. Knit scarf

You can get these even from your closest mtumba and they come in so many amazing and bright colours.

scarf- Zumi

Source: Stylecaster


3. Pashmina wrap

Now this is that scarf you can remove from your neck undo it and everyone will wonder where you got a blanket from. It’s perfect for cold weather without being too bulky.

scarf- Zumi

Source: Pinterest


4. Infinity scarf

Be sure that this scarf will keep your neck all warm throughout the day.

scarf- Zumi

Source: BGKI


5. Oversize scarf

You can get away with looking like you have a blanket on with this one. Just make sure it has a bold and beautiful print or something subtle if you are matching it with the rest of your outfit.

scarf- Zumi

Source: lefashion.com


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