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Life Saving Beauty Tips For The Girl That’s About To Be On The Road

Holiday season is here which means most of us are going to tribe traveling somewhere at some point.

And traveling and leaving the comfort of your house and thus your necessities can throw off you beauty regimes. Here are a few tips to help you out.

1. Gotta pack coconut oil.

Coconut oil is basically the Beyonce of beauty products. Coconut oil can double as you make up remover, moisturizer (for skin and hair) and sunscreen.

Black girl coconut oil

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2.While packing plan out your outfits and pack them together.

So that while you are selecting your outfits it’s much easier. Or instead, pack around color schemes so that matching is not difficult.


Source: Courtesy of Black Girl Long Hair


3. Use old contact lens containers to pack your moisturisers and cleanser.

Or empty small container so that you do forget your beauty products at home or atyour travel destination.

Source: Blonde Abroad

Source: Blonde Abroad


4. If you are carrying make-up.

Cushion you compact with cotton and consider finding multi-purpose items for example colour compact that is both eyeshadow and highlighter.

sleep over kit


5. If the journey to your destination is longer than an hour do not skip the moisturiser.

Use a heavy moisturiser on your face just before you leave so that your skin does not end up looking dull and dry by the time you arrive. This should be right up there with, do I have all my money, documents and have I peed.

Woman applying moisturiser or anti-wrinkle cream to her face

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