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4 Unknown Facts About Menstrual Cups Will Change Your Periods Forever

Menstrual Cups Kenya
Menstrual cups are theĀ  ultimate period companion and this is why.

Those dreadful days we have to endure every month are nothing but uncomfortable and painful. Many of us chose to invest in pads and tampons that promise to make those days comfortable and easy but how easy is it really? Some women have confessed that their heavy flow makes them wear a tampon and a pad at the sane time just to prevent an embarrassing situation.

Menstrual cups are here to make periods more comfortable, affordable and environmentally friendly. The menstrual cup is made from 100% medical grade silicon making it safe to use because is non absorbent and has antibacterial properties. The menstrual cup is made from soft silicon rubber that is comfortable to wear and can be worn to sleep.


The cup has properties that make it favorable compared to pads and tampons.

They can be used by a virgin. They are not in any way going to damage the hymen and hence safe to use for girls and young women.

Menstrual Cups Kenya

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It can be used for 10 years and they hold up to 3 times the amount an average tampon or pad can hold. Yaas! Wouldn’t you want to be free from all the trips to the washroom every two hours?

Menstrual Cups Kenya

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Menstrual cups are ideal for an active lifestyle (sports). So you can go swimming, biking or even running with the menstrual cup.

Menstrual Cups Kenya

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It is leakage resistant. The fact that we do not have to check for stains is fantastic because we can enjoy wearing bright colors even during our periods.

Menstrual Cups Kenya

Source: The Grace Cup

Get your menstrual cup at The Grace Cup on Facebook and you can also watch reviews on the menstrual cups on Youtube.

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