10 Hilarious Memes That Served As Perfect Distractions For The 2017 ElectionsZUMI

Hilarious Kenyan Memes That Served As Perfect Distractions For The 2017 Elections

While news anchors burn the midnight oil bringing you election news, social media influencers were doing the same.

You can’t deny that memes are the greatest invention since the internet. The number of times we have wept in laughter are countless.

This election season was not devoid of carefully thought out memes because what would Kenya be without comic relief. Of course just because elections are over doesn’t mean we’ll stop laughing, here are some of the best memes so far:


We need our towns clean and back to normal


Take your losses gracefully


When your time is over, it is! There’s no going back


Time to recant your Canaan fantasies


Attention slay queens


The usual suspects




Captain obvious


Trying to air our dirty laundry, what is this ancient pickup?


Thankfully, @droid254 saved us!


The one who got the last laugh, proof that God’s time is the best time



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